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Bring festive joy to all with a pet Christmas card

This holiday season, make sure your furry friend is included in the festivities by sending out pet Christmas cards. With a great image of your pet, festive pet-themed embellishments, and a bit of creativity, you can turn your pet into a source of holiday cheer for your family and friends. Pet photo Christmas cards are a great way to share the joy of the holidays with those around you while proudly displaying how much your four-legged friend means to you. So this year why not turn your favorite dog photo or cat picture into festive joy by sending out one (or more) of these lovely greeting cards or paw print ornaments?

Get the best image of your pet for their holiday card

Whether you are sending out a dog Christmas card or a cat Christmas card, if you’re looking to include your four-legged family member in this year’s holiday cards, getting the perfect image is key. The photo you choose will be seen by all your friends and family, so it's important to ensure that you get the best shot possible. The first step in taking an amazing pet Christmas card photo is finding a good location. Think about what kind of backdrop would look most attractive with your pet’s fur color and personality. A festive background such as a Christmas tree or decorations can add a nice touch to the image, but you should also consider taking photos outdoors if possible, as natural light makes for especially beautiful photos of pets.

The pawlidays are better with pet holiday cards

Once you have chosen a spot, it's time to prep your pet for their photo session. Make sure their fur is combed and brushed prior to any shots taken so they look their absolute best in the images for the pet holiday card. Additionally, give them plenty of treats throughout the process and make sure they are comfortable and happy before starting the shoot. When it comes time to actually take pictures, don't forget that patience is key. Allowing your furry friend time to adjust in between shots will help keep them relaxed during their photoshoot. Have some fun props on hand like holiday-themed costumes. Santa hats, snowmen, candy canes or even their favorite toy will help make their personality shine. Most importantly, always remember to reward them with treats after each successful snapshot. The goodest boys and girls deserve the most treats anyway. These cards are an adorable way to show off how beautiful, goofy and downright photogenic your pet is, while making for a very happy howliday for all your friends and family.