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2023 Graduation Announcements

Celebrate your high school or college graduate with traditional graduation announcements from Snapfish. Both an enormous achievement and pivotal transition in any son or daughter's life, graduation is a time to reflect on where they've been and look ahead to where they're going, but, most of all, it's a chance to recognize them for who they are today. There's no better way to do that than with unique photo graduation announcements. These custom announcement cards let everyone important in their lives—from relatives to family friends to community members—know about this singular achievement and to see them, in their moment, in a photo that captures their spirit and personality. The best graduation announcement cards double as keepsakes that your children—whether boys or girls—will treasure for years to come. With Snapfish, it's easy to create simple, funny, or formal graduation announcements that are both cheap in price and high in quality—for high school and college, but also kindergarten, pre-K, and middle school (AKA Jr high).

Photo Collage Graduation Announcements

One spectacular way to capture your graduating senior in his or her moment is with photo collage graduation announcements. At Snapfish, we've created a wide assortment of design templates perfect for this task, for one, two, three, four, five, or even more pictures of your son or daughter. Depending on the number of photos you'd like to include on your high school or college grad announcements, and whether your shots would ideally be presented in landscape or portrait orientation, you'll find templates that highlight one picture and mix in several others in creative ways, and also design templates that give relatively equal weight to all pictures in your photo collage. Look for DIY collage graduation announcements in sizes ranging from 5x7 to 4x6, (wide) 4x8, (large) 6x8 or 7x10, and even in magnet card formats, ready to affix to refrigerators far and wide. Cute photo collage template for graduation announcements can also be great for kindergarten and middle school graduations, and a great use for all of the photos you've taken.

Custom High School Graduation Announcements

Celebrating your teenager with personalized high school graduation announcements is easy with Snapfish. We feature double sided grad announcements, foldable card templates, and design styles that incorporate foil—in gold, rose gold, and silver—for those desiring something particularly elegant, and with our creative tools and efficiencies, we ensure the experience is both quick and low cost. High school senior boys and girls alike will appreciate seeing a beautiful, formal, or casual picture of them on a printed card as recognition of their efforts and academic achievements. If you're looking for a monogram template, a template ideal for twin graduation announcements, simple grad announcement cards, graduation party invitationsgrad yard signs, graduation congratulations cards, grad thank you cards, and more, you’re sure to find it here. Wording for HS graduation cards often involves variations on the phrase "Announcing the graduation of," but there are many more possibilities. Take a look at our sample, 2023 templates—each examples of what to say on your card and ways to design them. And for many a graduating high school senior, color is key—especially their school colors. Some of our cards feature alternative color schemes and others, still, allow you to choose any color combinations you'd like (look for the multi-color icon). Find the best design template for your school colors, including:

  • Black and orange
  • Blue and white
  • Red and white
  • Black and gold
  • Blue and gold
  • Green and white
  • Maroon and white
  • Purple and gold
  • Red and black

The Best College Graduation Announcements

As a parent to a graduating college senior, you couldn't be more proud. Whether you're celebrating a business or engineering major or a nursing (RN), law school, pharmacy, or Naval Academy student, you want to recognize their achievement with something extraordinary, and creating unique, DIY graduation announcements is exactly that. From undergraduate double majors to master's degree graduates to PhD candidates, all deserve lasting recognition in the form of cute, fun (or even funny), customized announcement cards sent to family and friends in their hometown and across the country. For those wondering how to make and order your own college graduation announcements, simply browse our website for a custom template that appeal to you or that suit the number of photos you'd like to include on your card, and then set about adding touches, from verbiage to a picture or monogram to design accents, that make your card personalized to your graduating student. Our custom, 2023 graduation announcements are cheap in price and feature the best designs going, so you can't go wrong. Those wondering when to send out graduation announcements, common etiquette would dictate anytime up to four weeks after the ceremony, but don't worry—sending them later is also okay. Find the best DIY design template for your college school colors, including:

  • Purple and white
  • Maroon and gold
  • Red, white, and black
  • Green and gold
  • Red and gray
  • Navy and gold
  • Navy and white
  • Red and gold
  • Orange and Blue