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Display memories with 8x10 canvas prints

With an 8x10 canvas print, you can easily create a stunning wall display with multiple images arranged in a collage or one large image. Canvas prints are also a great gift idea for friends and family. You can choose from a variety of designs, like panoramic canvas prints, in order to find the perfect fit for your home or office. Plus, with just a few simple steps they're easy to hang. If you do plan to hang the print in a room that gets a lot of sunlight, choose a spot that doesn’t get direct sunlight. This will help preserve the colors and vibrancy of your canvas print for much longer. Create a beautiful photo montage to showcase your favorite memories with 8x10 canvas picture prints today.


Easily customize 8x10 canvas photo prints

Capturing special occasions on 8x10 canvas picture prints is a great way to remember important milestones in life. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, or family reunion, an 8x10 canvas print will help you keep the memory alive for years to come. To create a stunning canvas print, start by selecting a design to showcase your favorite photos from the special occasion. Then, choose the high-quality digital images of your choice and upload using Snapfish's simple and quick dashboard. To make your unique canvas print shine, you can add text, custom borders and any other customizations you would like, including whether you want it framed or not. Finally, place your order and wait for your beautiful canvas print to arrive! With 8x10 canvas prints, you can preserve special memories for a lifetime. For even more ways to preserve those memories, Snapfish has home decor and even gifts for kids to let you show off your favorite photo memories.

8x10 canvas print arrangement & display ideas

How do you arrange your canvas prints on the wall? Here are a few on-trend ideas to inspire you:

  • Monochrome images printed onto 8x10 canvas prints when displayed on a wall always adds elegance, and makes a visual impact and makes any print look awesome. Try coordinating split canvas prints for a bold look, or keep it chic with white.
  • Create instant appeal by creating a large gallery wall of varied décor and prints. Mix-up canvas prints, photo panels, photo tiles and framed photo prints in several different sizes. Use mismatching frames, from classic black to rustic brown to glamorous gold. Choose frames that vary in size and shape for a creative arrangement you can change up at any time, or create a neat wall display of small square canvas prints or photo tiles arranged in a grid to create a hip, minimalist vibe in any room.